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dezignrogue design + brand gone rogue

friends of gene exhibition

deloitte — watch what unfolds

deloitte is providing the path forward

deloitte — master the volley and control the play

the science of design: the rorschach inkblot test poster series

american association for the advancement of science brochure

american association for the advancement of science application

american association for the advancement of science infographic

voice systems engineering (vse, inc) website

procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried poster

take creative risks poster

roper mountain website

roper mountain advertising | promotion

modsf poster

mannequin poster series

get READY girls! identity

get READY girls! website

get READY girls! catalog

get READY girls! packaging

collaborate: less me and more we poster series

don’t complain: take action or shut up poster series

pop-up postcard series

idea tool kit dimensional promotion

miami 54th street

pick your potion advertising

creative lead

Let’s team up and tell emotional stories that get people to look, listen and leap! My super power is mentoring teams and building relationships.

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Luke, the creative force is with you. Design Yoda in the house — I guide, inspire and influence our next generation of innovative visual communicators.

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My goal — set the vision, drive concepts and create engaging experiences that resonate with our intended audience.

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Seek the unique! The latest and greatest updates on awards and accomplishments.

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